we will be closed a few extra days these weeks as the owners are away dealing with a personal matter. no worries! all is positive! the following days are effected:
Tuesday, November 27: CLOSED
Wednesday, November 28: CLOSED
Thursday, November 29: CLOSED
Tuesday, December 4: CLOSED
Wednesday, December 5: CLOSED

We are open NORMAL HOURS Friday, November 30 - Sunday, December 2, and resume our normal schedule Thursday, December 6. Thanks for your understanding and sorry in advance for any inconveinence!

Where the hell is your website?

we will It's coming! I promise! For now here is some helpful information in the form of a FAQ section!

What is coven?
Coven is a 100% vegan specialty grocery, bakery, deli, & market located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our shop houses a small retail space with a large selection of products (over 200 and constantly growing) & a production kitchen where we bake, cook, & prepare our delicious wares for the store.

When are you open?
Tuesday - Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 12pm-5pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm

How can I contact you?
Phone: (289) 389-0666
Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @covenhamilton

What is your deal on holidays?
We are open every holiday Monday, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Labour Day

Where are you located?
681 Barton St. E in beautiful Hamilton, ON

Is there parking?
There is metered street parking on Barton Street in front of the store, and free parking all along Sherman street.

Do you have anything gluten free?
Lots of the deli & savoury options we make are gluten free, as well as a large amount of our groceries. We also do 9” pies & ˝ slabs of Tiramisu gluten free via orders with 48 hours notice. None of our daily baked goods are Gluten Free.

Do you have anything nut free?
Most of the deli, savoury, & baked goods we make are nut free, as well as a large amount of our groceries.

Do you have anything soy free?
Lots of the deli & savoury options we make are soy free, as well as a large amount of our groceries. None of our daily baked goods are Soy Free.

Do you take credit / debit?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Interac Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay & cash. We love cash most of all.

Do you have beyond meat products

What is your relationship to Rescue Dogs?
Vic & KW are also the founders & operators of Rescue Dogs Vegan Hot Dogs & Street Fare! If you’ve been to the hot dog cart or snagged one of our packages of dogs or breakfast bangers in store, thats us!

Are you hiring?
At the moment, no. But if you’re a rad person with a passion for delicious food and great customer service & are comfortable working in a space that prides itself on inclusion of people from all walks of life then shoot your CV & a cover letter to